Private lending

We provide an opportunity of an affordable and fast lending using various cryptocurrencies, as well as currencies of electronic payment systems.


    You can request an approval of a credit limit increase right now. We provide lending services to both organizations and cryptocurrency brokers for trading financial activities, and to private clients (legal entities). Loan obligations are provided on favorable terms starting from 1.7% per day.


    For new ACL clients, we issue the initially approved amount, the actual sum of which depends on the analysis of many factors, cunducted by our lending system. With regular and timely use of the lending system, the amount of a possible loan gradually increases, and the percentage of loan payments decreases depending on your status. We gladly cooperate with our clients. With each new loan, lending terms become more profitable.


    You can apply for issuing a loan in any cryptocurrency (including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether) or fiat currency of the available electronic payment systems presented on the platform.

Why utrust


Use credit funds directly from your Asset Capital wallet.

  • Credit history is not required

  • Simple registration procedure

  • Fast verification and approval

  • Constant increase of the credit limit

Utrust Wallet
Guaranteed funds accessibility.  

Guaranteed funds accessibility.

Seize the opportunity to receive a loan directly to your wallet with an open opportunity to use funds in 3 simple steps:

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Go through a simple REGISTRATION
in the ACL system

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Submit an application using
your personal account

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Wait for loan approval and
find out your available credit limit

How to apply for a loan?

We have simplified the application procedure. Submit a request to receive funds to your personal manager after registration. It is enough to go through a simple verification procedure and choose the desired lending currency to receive a loan. The application is processed within just few minutes, and the funds are credited to your account immediately after approval. Pay off your loan obligations on time and use more favorable terms of the loyalty program to reduce the interest rate commission. Asset Capital provides an opportunity of personal favorable conditions for loan applications for the company's investors.


Ready to get started?

Complete a simple registration process.


a percentage of profit with customers

Lending is not only a convenient service but also one of our company's profit lines: a small percentage of the profit on repaid loans is paid to our customers' wallets.

Order Screen
refund details Refund amount 0.011963 BTC Your bitcoin loan payment


Marketing proposal for passive income

Asset Capital offers the opportunity to invest in loans to organizations and legal entities that are our borrowing customers. We provide variable conditions for earning income through our loan service. The ACL system acts as a lender for short-term loans with a fixed interest rate from 1.7% per day, and the investor partners are paid the principal of the interest rate from 1.5% per day on the amount repaid by the borrowers. If you invest in a loan, you do not have to wait for the borrowers to repay the loan, as all repayments come out of the company's share capital.

Affordable ACL lending.

We work with innovative payment systems and are among the leaders of the digital revolution in finance.

Crypto Lending

We provide the financial convenience of credit payments by conducting transactions using an ACL token. Savings of up to 80% on commissions without additional charges. All conversion fees on loans are covered by the ACL Asset Capital Business service.
Earn passively from active keeping of assets.

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