How long will high-margin marketing be relevant?

Working offline, we provide a percentage of profitability of no more than 0.7% per day on lending and no more than 10-15% for a successful transaction on cryptocurrency listing on trading platforms. Since March 2021, the company's management decided to introduce aggressive marketing to popularize the company in the financial market. To actively attract partners, more than $ 200 million was allocated for the implementation of the partnership-bonus program, and a maximum break-even percentage was introduced for the company, which involves payment of increased marketing programs for crediting and listing. This program with increased interest rates is designed for 12 months, and by March 2022, interest rates of profitability will gradually be brought to offline values. Thus, Asset Capital notifies all partners on a quarterly basis about the planned decrease in marketing profitability in the form of SMS and E-mail notifications. You can find a graph of the profitability decline, as well as updated values of profitability in the company's roadmap description.

Will this change the constant profitability of holding and staking the ACL coin?

The profitability received by the holders from the partners' currency conversions will remain constant on an ongoing basis. The staking yield will gradually decrease on a regular basis depending on the number of coins received, and, approaching the full emission of the ACL token at the end of 2022, the staking yield will be no more than 10% per month (with an average actual staking yield of 20 30% per month).

What guarantees of investment safety do you provide?

Asset Capital, an international holding company, has legal permission to conduct business from major global financial institutions. It also has registrations in New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, England, Australia and Ireland. We have all the official documents and licenses to carry out financial activities, including investment. We are a multinational company providing international services and developing in the IT technologies sphere. We value our reputation, therefore all investment activities are carried out in accordance with the regulatory framework. You can request documentation on the current company registrations from your personal manager.

What is the best way to invest?

You can start investing with one of the programs that seems most appealing to you. Listing is receiving income from the placement of tokens on the exchange, Staking is the process of confirming crypto transactions, lending is the most demanded method of investment, due to getting income from payments of commissions payed by the borrower. In order to get started, you do not need to understand the intricacies of this or that method – the entire investment process is automatized, and we will do the work for you. In order to choose a suitable investment method – read the terms of our tariffs and choose the most suitable one for you, regarding the period of contract and size of the deposit.

How to become a partner of the company?

To become a partner of Asset Capital, you need to go through a simple registration procedure. Before registering, we strongly recommend you to familiarize yourself with these Terms of User Agreement. You automatically agree to all the terms of the user agreement upon completion of registration. In addition, we recommend you to read the "About the project" part to familiarize yourself with the investment proposals.

What is the main purpose of the company's website?

The company's website works as a payment and currency service, which you can use both for storing and converting currencies. You can also consider the possibility of lending checking up the information on our platform or use the listing services (if you represent a cryptocurrency organization). Also, our company provides an opportunity for risk-free medium-income investment for private investors. Since mid-2019, a quick lending function has appeared on the website of our company, which you can use in case of additional financing of investment packages, if you are a physical entity, or for private purposes, as a legal entity.

What are the advantages of cooperation with your company?

We provide a storage system and the ability to exchange and transfer currency. The main advantages of the company for investors are stable profitability, convenience for cooperation and absence of risks. Thanks to a well-established automatized system and a balanced authorized capital, we are one of the largest currency holding companies in the sphere of similar services operating on the PoS principle. We can guarantee a steadily growing capital increase for our partners way faster, if compared to other types of the investment.

How does Asset Capital generate profit for its investors?

Asset Capital's profit comes from several sources. First, we profit from commissions on fiat and cryptocurrency conversions. The second and largest line of our company's profit is lending. Thanks to the capital formed over a long period of work, we are able to provide loans for large amounts, receiving high return commissions. Investors who use investment lending offers receive profitable returns on their deposits for this service. The listing service provides our partners with a short-term, but the highest possible return on investment due to the high cost of listing services on global trading platforms, introducing hence the possibility of earning high commission income from each transaction.

How often are there listing offers?

Currently, there are about 10 thousand cryptocurrencies in the financial cryptocurrency market. In order for a cryptocurrency to be considered liquid, it must be traded on at least one or more exchanges. Thus, supply and demand for cryptocurrency will be ensured. We help technology companies to promote cryptocurrency to marketplaces to boost trade demand. This is how we managed to create listing conditions for many cryptocurrencies on the largest centralized and decentralized trading platforms. Weekly, we process from 2-3 up to 15-20 requests of adding coins with different functionality and purpose. A listing proposal for investors is relevant if a marketing plan for opening a deposit is available in your personal account or in the list of marketing proposals.

Can I create a listing request for my own coin?

Yes, for this you need to contact your personal manager, indicating the coin ticker (coin name), the desired exchange for listing, as well as providing White paper or Currency Paper. For quick processing of the application and clarification of the listing price, we recommend you to indicate the smart contract of the blockchain technology of your cryptocurrency.

What is the cost of placing a coin on a trading exchange?

The approximate ranking of the cost of placing on large, medium and small exchanges at the moment is as follows: large exchanges request $ 100 000 to $ 300 000, medium - no more than $ 100 000, and small and decentralized ones – from $ 10 to $ 20 thousand per listing. Accordingly, if you want to get on an exchange that is included in the TOP-20 exchanges, you need to pay a certain amount, according to your financial capabilities, as well as considering the audience and the community you will work with. Explore targeting the European, American, Asian or global market. It is worth taking into account the fact that after a coin is listed on the exchange from the TOP-20, the value of the coin can increase starting from 30% up to 50%.

Can I become a monopoly holder of listing rights for a particular coin and take all the commission income that the listing client pays?

You can redeem full listing rights, however, not all commission income can be taken, since Asset Capital charges part of the profit as payment for information services provided to a listing client. If you want to become a listing investor on your own, contact your personal manager to clarify the details on the timing and profitability of the listing transaction.

How to find out the listing cost for investment in a client’s coin?

Request information from the company in any convenient way for you: through support service on our website, e-mail:, or support in Telegram 24/7: @aclwallet

Can you create a listing for any cryptocurrency on any exchange?

Yes, however, before listing approval, each coin is thoroughly tested. Moreover, some exchanges may refuse to place a particular coin on its platform, therefore, before accepting investments for placing, we analyze all the factors.

Do you provide any assistance for new partners acquisition?

At your request, we are ready to provide a full set of marketing materials to attract new investors. Also, the company views the opening of new representative offices by our leaders and directors of structures as a positive aspect. We provide financial assistance for opening representative offices when a leader in the company achieves certain success. Such support is carried out due to the fact that we are interested not only in online partners, but also in offline ones, as well as in offline clients.

How does lending work if I am an average client?

You can take a loan from the company in the amount of $ 10 000 at an interest rate of 3% per day. After 5 days, you return the credit body and 15% for the costs use. The total amount is $ 11 500. A person who has invested an amount of $ 10 000 receives 2% profitability per day ($ 1 000 profit for the period as a whole) and $ 10 000 body of the deposit for return. The company has $ 500 left for providing investment and lending opportunities.

Are the company deposits insured?

For 12 years of active work, Asset Capital has been able to form several levels of insurance coverage for each partner. In case of a compensation payment required upon the occurrence of an insured accident, the appointed bankruptcy administrator will manage the distribution of funds, as well as deal with the corresponding payment to the partner according to the terms of legal protection. For clients falling under the jurisdiction of FCA or CySEC, certain regulatory schemes (FSCS and ICF, respectively) are applied, which provide compensation to partners in case of an insured accident or shortage of funds in the company's authorized capital. The FSCS (FCA) scheme provides coverage up to € 80 000; and ICS (CySEC) scheme – the coverage up to $ 50 000. Lloyd's of London's investment insurance policy covers losses incurred as a result of an insured accident up to $ 95,000 per partner.

Can I own more than one account?

We do not allow one partner to have more than one account. However, you can register using one IP address (of your relatives or friends) for investment. If the system detects an account that belongs to one partner, we will ask you to verify the account for another person and change the data in accordance with the rules of the company. Please note that we do not block accounts or penalize our partners.

What is the minimum deposit, withdrawal and investment amount?

You can invest from $ 50 to $ 95 000 at once. The minimum withdrawal amount is $10 in fiat funds, or the equivalent of 0.001 BTC in cryptocurrency. The maximum withdrawal amount is $ 150 000 per day, or $ 400 000 for 5 working days. Also, you can use several payment details (requisites) or systems and increase the withdrawal limit.

How often can I request a withdrawal?

You can withdraw funds at your convenience. At any time, submit a withdrawal request and receive funds according to your payment details. The procedure for executing an application for withdrawing funds from a deposit account is 48 hours, from a Hold account – 24 hours, from a Staking account – 12 hours. However, we always try to complete the payment in no more than 15-20 minutes.

Who is your average investor?

The average investment amount is about $ 20 000, made by one partner on an active deposit at once. You can store funds in staking or in your wallet in unlimited quantities.

I still have questions. Whom shall I contact?

If you did not find the answer to your question in this section, please contact our support service on our website, through our e-mail:, or in Telegram 24/7: @aclwallet