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The listing investment program allows you to receive high income in a short time and without risks, as you can independently get acquainted with the preliminary news on the coin before listing, as well as track the start of the added cryptocurrency trading in the real time. You can also start trading a particular chosen coin earlier than everyone else, having information about its relevant trading pairing time. That gives you an advantage over other traders, since according to statistics, the cost of a cryptoasset can increase from 30% to several times in the first hours right after listing.

  • over 50 cryptocurrency exchanges
    and trading platforms
  • +4500 successfully processed
    listing applications
  • over 2700 listing deposits paid out
    in 30%+ profit in 5-10 days
Why is Asset Capital better?  
  • Utrust logo Over 4.5% from 3 to 14 days Adding cryptocurrency to a trading platform
  • Investing in Lending 1.5-4.2% from 25 to 35 days Loan and microcredit granting to legal entities and physical entities (including private organizations, trading platforms, trusted traders)
  • Storage and Staking up to 1% Constant accessibility of transfer funds, exchange, investment. ACL token staking, which is required for internal Asset Capital payments, as well as for charging commissions in the form of profit for exchange operations during storage.

Flexible partner rates

Receive from 1.6% guaranteed daily profit on your deposit. Choose a suitable rate plan and start receiving passive income today, or keep your funds in fiat currency or cryptocurrency with the possibility of receiving a daily fixed profit and having full access to free funds.

You can earn by having a positive balance on your account.

Asset Capital provides a replenishment opportunity using more than 50+ types of popular cryptocurrencies, as well as popular electronic payment systems.

Listing or Staking? 

Instantly convert cryptocurrency and fiat in all directions

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Thanks to ACL token staking, we provide the most favorable terms and fast payouts for the investors all over the world. Our staking service is unique, because you can exchange your ACL tokens for any cryptocurrency through any accessible electronic payment system at any convenient time. We do not block the staking funds of our partners, and in addition, we allow you to convert them into a convenient currency on the main account, receiving additional profitability from storage or investing in marketing plans.
Cryptocurrency conversion transactions, transactions of payment for goods and services, as well as PoS-based retail and corporate lending transactions, allow our partners to earn a stable income from staking at up to 1% per day on average, depending on the number of cryptocurrency transactions carried out. By having a positive staking balance, you can earn a fixed percentage of profit from transaction fees from rewards for conducting transactions by payment organizations and cryptocurrency payment gateways.

Available for:
  • woocommerce
  • magento
  • prestashop
  • utrust-api

The ACL platform is compatible with many popular cryptocurrency wallets, which allows you to invest and exchange currencies in a convenient way. We regularly expand partner network base for the ease of ACL token compatibility with world trade and storage leaders.

Prestashop Logo
Prestashop Logo

Our company cares about the safety of your funds. The ACL system is proprietary, so all your assets are securely protected, and the finances are under several levels of insurance coverage (FSCS and ICF regulatory schemes) for each partner individually.

Take advantage of the ACL staking profitability and pay for goods and services with instant ACL fiat conversion. There is no need in any additional actions – you just keep the deposit on the Staking account and thanks to the ACL transfer and exchange confirmation process, the system makes transactions and you receive an appropriate assets.

Merchant-friendly interface

Receive up to 1% per day of daily profit to your Staking wallet for storing ACL tokens. Daily withdrawal and conversion of ACL tokens with no time restrictions is available.

Low transaction fees

Listing is the process of adding digital coins to marketplaces. Placing tokens on exchanges increases the new assets growth rate likelihood. Tracking such currencies allows experienced traders to quickly take high profits from the purchase and sale of tokens that have recently been added to the exchange. Check out the list of trading platforms to which we can add cryptocurrency for trading.

Marketplace rating at:

Asset Capital provides paid services for cryptocurrencies placement on trading platforms, paying a percentage of the deal profit to our investors. The cost of a coin listing on an exchange varies from $ 10,000 on small exchanges and up to $ 300,000 on leading trading platforms, depending on circulating supply, liquidity, trading volumes and confidence indicator. We analyze the listing targeting at the European, American, Asian or global markets and then make a listing deal. The value of a coin can rise from 30% up to 50% after its adding to the exchange from the TOP-20 list rating.

Partner marketing plans

How does the
staking work?

Proof of Stake (PoS) or staking is one of two types of cryptocurrency asset mining. Unlike Proof of Work (PoW), which is the standard way of forming currencies, staking does not require the use of the computing power of the participants. Mining process (PoW) is considered to be a random sampling system, in which, depending on the technical costs (equipment and electrical energy), the miner receives a remuneration in the form of coins for transactions confirmation. Staking, on the other hand, does not have a large amount of similar restrictions and works rather like a bank deposit. When staking, the coin holder acts as the insurance agent for the transaction. So, the more coins are frozen for transfer operations, the greater the reward is.

  • For partners

    As an Asset Capital partner, you profit from keeping funds in your staking wallet in ACL cryptocurrency, which is actively used by our business partners.

Key benefits of staking with Asset Capital

  • It is a cheaper way to make money on cryptocurrency, than mining. It is unique because of its simplicity, but it also provides a high security level. The only requirement for staking is the need for transaction operators to maintain a certain level of coins on their wallet accounts. Considering staking as an investment strategy, it can be stated that it doesn’t lead to negative returns at the costs expenses or at additional commissions. Thanks to the capital formed, the system generates a constant income from transactions, which allows our investors to receive a stable profit. All the ACL token conversion and transfer transactions are carried out without risks, and we take care of the safety of our investors’ deposits and provide a guaranteed profit.

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For the safe

For the convenience of making secure transactions when paying for goods and services, we are developing Apple and Android based apps, which will be available for downloading during Q3 2021 according to our roadmap. At this stage, you can familiarize yourself with the documentation on the use of ACL cryptocurrency, as well as with the general concept of Asset Capital.

Download ACL Green Paper.

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